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This site was set up because a) I have an autistic son who until recently has been very difficult to feed and, b) I personally suffered from worrying health problems caused by my dental amalgams. Detoxification for mercury toxicity and proper nutrition helped us both tremendously.

Having spent an absolute fortune in the past on medication, which addressed the symptoms and not the cause,  I have come to realise the relationship between health and what we put inside our bodies either knowingly or otherwise.

Live probiotic bacteria is the most important wholefood we can digest and the more people realise this the healthier our population will become.
Jodi, my autistic son has a self-restricted diet and has to
avoid gluten and casein which are the proteins in wheat and dairy. Whilst I'd used the product myself and felt much better for it I was anxious about giving In-Liven to Jodi because it contains wheat.

However, as the
protein has already been predigested Jodi is fine. Infact, he's thriving.

The nutrients start working as soon as they reach the intestines and he now eats a much wider variety of food which is just amazing. It's as if he now knows his stomach can handle it. Jodi has even started to eat fruit and vegetables for the first time in seventeen years!


IMPORTANT - Many autistic individuals have what is

known as "leaky gut". If you give them probiotics

PLEASE build up VERY VERY slowly otherwise their

 body could be flooded with toxins.

You can find our true stories on autism and details of mercury poisoning at jeanshaw.com
More and more people are becoming concerned with their health and well being and the global demand for safe alternatives to the chemically laced products we are offered today is growing.

The high quality organic products provided by the company who supply In-Liven are quite unique and are fully backed up by the expertise and knowledge of the people behind them. Quite frankly though, I only cared that they worked!

Environmentally friendly, the packaging is recyclable and the products have not been tested on animals.

Also, some money from each order goes to the David Suzuki Foundation. This is is an independent charity which doesn't accept government grants. It is supported by some 50,000 individual donors around the world and works through science and education to protect the diversity of nature and the quality of life for us and future generations.

Why are there no prices quoted on this site?

This is because you cannot order from this site!

I am an independent representative for One Group. I do not personally handle the products. All transactions are made directly with the company who ship to various different countries in the world, each with different currencies and tax duties. They already have a wonderful site set up detailing everything so rather than replicate it this site merely informs you of these incredible products and invites you to check them out.

Click on this link to Go HERE - If you like what you find as much as I did, you'll be glad you did!