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Why is In-Liven better than the other probiotics available?


In-Liven Probiotic Super Food is the result of over 20 years research and development. It contains significant antioxidants and enzymes, 18 vital amino acids and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients from 26 carefully selected Certified Organic living wholefoods rich in phyto-nutrients. In-Liven's ingredients are predigested with 13 friendly bacteria extracted from fruits, vegetables and grains (not faecal matter), increasing In-Liven's potency by 500%. Stressed for heat and cold In-Liven probiotics are rapid colonisers which start to work as soon as they arrive saturating the body with the nutrients required for optimal health.

How should In-Liven be taken?

This depends on personal preference although most people blend the probiotic bacterium with water or juice to make a smoothie. You may mix in with your food if preferred.

Are there any adverse side effects for In-Liven?

Some people may suffer a healing response when they first take In-Liven resulting in possible constipation, diarrhoea, headaches and 'flu' like symptoms. Whilst unpleasant these are temporary and are a good sign that the toxins are being released into the blood stream. You may want to reduce the dosage of the probiotic to 1/4 teaspoon/day to slow down the process and drink plenty of water.

Is it safe to use In-Liven (Probiotic Super Food) if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Absolutely. In-Liven is the most potent certified organic probiotic living wholefood on the market. Providing the probiotic bacterium and living nutrients is the best start you could possibly give to your child - and there's no sugar!.

Can I give In-Liven to my pets?

Certainly.Pets have the same nutritional system as you do and need the same bacteria and nutrients. Many pet foods contain roadkill and chemicals which is why organic is best. Your pets will thank you for treating them to In-Liven and for improving their health Simply sprinkle some onto their food each day.

Can I take In-Liven if I suffer from allergies?

Yes, indeed.Many people suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance which is when our bodies cannot break down the protein in food and dairy. Since bacteria are responsible for breaking down these proteins In-Liven often help alleviate the cause of the allergy. Remember also that In-Liven has already broken down food for 3 weeks so immediately provides predigested protein.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a common complaint especially as we get older. This is caused when the small intestine becomes damaged so whole food particles pass into the blood stream and become toxic. The probiotic bacterium in In-Liven help heal the walls of the intestine and often the IBS is resolved.

How long does it take for In-Liven to work?

The beneficial probiotic bacteria in In-Liven start to work immediately. Depending on your specific health problems improvement will be gradual. You must remember you most likely did not lose your health suddenly and equally the road to recovery will also be gradual. However, by using In-Liven you will be addressing the cause of your problems and not the symptoms so the likelihood of achieving and maintaining long term good health is much more favourable. The health benefits of probiotics are well documented and In-Liven is arguably the best probiotic available.

If you do not like taking In Liven can you take Fast Tract instead?

In Liven and Fast Tract are two completely different products. In Liven is a nutrient dense product designed to supply the broad spectrum of nutrients the body needs daily in order to get its job done. Fast Tract is a liquid that is potent in bacteria to rebuild the intestinal flora quickly and is gluten free for those who have allergies. The Fast Tract used in combination with In Liven is like adding a super charger to boost the bacteria and quickly colonize the gut. You can not replace the powder with the liquid. You can go without the liquid but never the powder.