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Certified Organic Probiotic Liquid

In many people the balance of bacteria is so compromised in the intestinal tract that the good bacteria needs a boost.

Fast Tract is Certified KOSHER!

Fast-tract is


30 - 50 ml of Fast-tract taken with a teaspoon of
In-Liven for the first 10 - 14 days can really jump start the good bacteria in the gut.

For a clean out regime every three months for 10 - 14 days use Fast-tract with three teaspoons
In-Liven a day.

You can use Fast-tract in your favourite gluten-free bread recipe.

Note from JEAN


"Jodi and I use it as a bacteria booster by drinking it neat. It tastes a bit like lemon juice".

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.


Purified water, organic soya bean, organic agave, organic chick peas, organic biodynamic rice, organic alfalfa seed, organic mung beans, organic linseed, organic lentils; fermented with lactobacillus; acidophilus, delbruekii, caseii, bulgaricus, causasicus, fermenti, plantarum, brevis, helveticus, leichmannii, lactis; bifidabacterium bifidum, saccharomyces boulardii, saccharomyces cerevisiae.

750 ml/25.36 fl.oz

Why Is Fast Tract Gluten Free?

1% of the world's population is considered gluten intolerant. Fast Tract is GLUTEN-FREE , and is an excellent starting point for people who have food allergies and intolerances.

For serious intolerances we suggest you drink 50 - 75 mls day for 10 - 14 days to assist the good bacteria to establish themselves in your digestive system before graduating to In-Liven.

In Liven and Fast Tract are two completely different products.

In Liven is a nutrient dense product designed to supply the broad spectrum of nutrients the body needs daily in order to get its job done.

Fast Tract is a liquid that is potent in bacteria to rebuild the intestinal flora quickly and is gluten free for those who have allergies.

The Fast Tract used in combination with In Liven is like adding a super charger to boost the bacteria and quickly colonize the gut.

You can not replace the powder with the liquid. You can go without the liquid but never the powder.


In-Liven and Fast-Tract have the same bacteria but In-Liven has far more nutrients.

Ideally you should use Fast-Tract to quickly re-establish the good bacteria as this has a much more intense probiotic colony forming ability and then use In-Liven.

You can mix them together For those people with a serious gluten intolerance you should take the Fast Tract and then introduce In-Liven very slowly i.e. 1/8 teaspoon per day and build up gradually.

Fast-Tract is manufactured using a natural fermentation process based upon growing lactobacillus bacteria strains from the leaf stem and root systems of organic grains, greens, vegetables and legumes.

"Did you know..."

..that both the In-Liven and Fast Tract products use the trademarked Flora Ferm process for fermentation?


Fast-Tract is wonderful for yeast infections such as Candida as the good bacteria are in such huge colony forming numbers they can quickly overcome the yeast proliferation in the gut.

However, because Fast-Tract doesn't have the same nutrient profile, the daily probiotic of choice should be

In developing this process from organic beginnings to fully fermented liquids it is necessary to provide the bacteria with ingredients which allow them to multiply.

The final liquid contains foods which the bacteria continue to consume. This food is normally in the form of natural sugars from the ingredients included in the fermentation and generally appears as sediment in the liquid.

During the life of the product, the bacteria continue to digest these natural sugars resulting in a change in the colour and it is normal for it to become darker.

Also as the natural sugars are digested it will taste more acidic or sour. However, this does not affect the nutrient value of the product which remains the same throughout the shelf life.

The absorption of the natural sugars can be slowed down by keeping the product under refrigeration.



The body should have a bacteria ratio of 85% good bacteria to 15% bad bacteria. For most people it is the other way round. Only when the good bacteria has been re-established will intolerances go away.