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BioPure Probiotic Household Cleaner- FAQ

The new probiotic household cleaner will kill pathogenic bacteria similar to the way a good probiotic kills pathogenic bacteria in the gut. Is it strong enough to kill staph, strep, ecoli and other bacteria like that, and are there any studies or testing to support the product's effectiveness in that manner?

One recent study, carried out in Germany, compared a product using BioPure as the cleaning agent to other agents. The conclusion found BioPure cleaned as well as the other best-performing agents, but surfaces cleaned with an BioPure solution remained "clean" longer than the others.

It is important to understand BioPure does not behave as a chemical. It does not kill everything on the surface, leaving it sterile or open for re-population by bad bacteria. Instead, it uses living processes and the natural relationship amongst BioPure microorganisms to repair and support balanced ecology.

The sustainability of the BioPure relationship provides a truly healthy "clean". With the correct BioPure dilution or ratio applied to a surface or area, competition is introduced, and pathogens cannot survive to domination. Beneficial BioPure microbes will overpower them using the available resources to feed and reproduce rapidly, to support ongoing beneficial processes.

How long should it be left on mould in groutings? Would it be more beneficial using straight on a toothbrush for really tough grout mould?

It doesn't need to be left. Regular use is the key for the beneficial bacteria to dominate the pathogenic bacteria. When used consistently, BioPure prevents the re-emergence of pathogenic bacteria.

How long to leave in toilet before cleaning?

It doesn't need to be left. Regular use is the key for the beneficial bacteria to dominate the pathogenic bacteria. When used consistently, BioPure prevents the re-emergence of pathogenic bacteria.

I am a 'cleaning cloth' user and so are most of my Reps and customers. As we only use cleaning cloths and water for most surfaces with the exception of grouting in showers and the toilet, I initially thought I will only use this cleaner in those two places. Apart from the beautiful vanilla smell, are there any reasons why I should use and recommend others to use this as well as enjo on their bench tops etc when enjo and water seems to do the job?

The benefits of using BioPure is to provide a truly healthy clean, where pathogenic bacteria cannot survive. Water alone will not provide this benefit.

I was thinking this would be fantastic when you have a tummy bug in the home (wipe everywhere) would I be right in saying that?

Yes, that's correct. BioPure will help to dominate the bad bugs going around.

How do you clean floors with it?

Recommendation is a dilution of 1 in 100. So for a 2 litre bucket of water, you would need 20 mls.

Is it good idea to use BioPure for wiping dining tables or children desks?

Yes, absolutely.

Is the vanilla essence in the BioPure certified organic?

We use a natural vanilla extract, instead of the certified organic vanilla extract which is nearly 4 times the cost of the natural extract. The natural extract is not genetically modified or chemically extracted and has been approved for use by the BFA. We did this to keep the cost of the product as low as possible. And given the fact this is not for human consumption or human application, we felt this was a reasonable decision.

I have been spraying my sample of BioPure on everything I can think of, from our toothbrushes, to the toilet brush to my son's highchair, the cutting board, kitchen sponges, etc. Is there anything that it would not be safe to use it on?

Those usages are all acceptable.

How long should we wait after spraying on BioPure before wiping it off, and when we wipe it off should we use a dry cloth or a damp cloth?

Generally you don't need to leave it on before wiping off. Except for use on cutting boards, when you let it stand for 15 minutes before rinsing. It is consistent use of BioPure that prevents the re-emergence of pathogenic bacteria. A damp cloth is suitable to wipe it off.

Is the BioPure food grade?

BioPure is manufactured in a food-grade processing plant under food-grade standards, just like our skin care and cosmetics, however, it is not designed to be ingested.

Will samples be available to purchase?

No, it is a relatively cheap product to purchase at full size.

How long does the concentrate remain viable for?

24 months from date of manufacture.

It smells so tasty I am wondering is the diluted spray harmful if children get hold of it and drink it?

No, it’s not harmful… it will cause a violent evacuation of faecal matter though (give you diarrhoea)!

Why does the probiotic cleaner say "do not ingest" on the bottle?

Because it is designed as a household cleaner, not as a food supplement.

Is it bad if we spray something and don't wipe it off?

No, it will do no harm if it is left on a surface. It may stain white and light coloured fabrics though.

Should we keep the bottle at a certain temperature?

It should be stored out of direct sunlight at room temperature. In a cupboard is ideal.

Are there circumstances where we should use a more concentrated dilution?

Yes, you can use more concentrated dilutions on baked on grease in ovens.

How often should we use it to maximise the benefits?

As often as you clean. Daily is ideal.

What kind of purified water does it need to be mixed with?

As long as the chlorine is removed, it won’t kill the good bugs in the formula. This can be done by boiling tap water and leaving it to stand overnight.

Is it ok to use a clear spray bottle?

Yes, as long as it is stored away from direct sunlight and used up within 30 days.

Can BioPure be used for stain removal?

No, it can’t be used for stain removal.

I recently had a sore and a bad cut and I put BioPure on it. I have to say that it healed quite nicely. Can you use this product this way?

We can not recommend the use of BioPure for applications that beyond the stated usage guidelines

Cleaning with BioPure - a healthy choice for you and the environment.