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In-Liven - the GOOD bacteria

In-Liven is Certified KOSHER!

Probiotic In-Liven is truly a SUPER FOOD for not only does it have the full 12 Lactobacilli bacteria plus another one in addition and in this case 13 is definitely not an unlucky number!


How to take In-Liven

Recipes using In-Liven

Everything in nature evolves through stress. If you have a problem you need to find a solution.
In-Liven has been stressed for heat and cold so it can withstand the stresses associated with both these situations. Both heat and cold can kill nutrients but In-Liven probiotic bacteria can -

"Did you know..."
...that both the In-Liven and Fast Tract products use the trademarked Flora Ferm process for fermentation?


Anyone who has a known food allergy should try very small amounts of In-Liven and Fast Tract initially. Recommendations are
 - 1/8 tsp In-Liven and 1/2 tsp Fast Tract and build up gradually.

Now you remember we mentioned the importance of the probiotic bacteria having their own food supply with them?

Well, In-Liven contains 26 certified organic whole food ingredients sourced from fruit, grains and berries which are super foods in their own right.

These are pre-digested by the 13 probiotic lactobacillus for three weeks prior to bottling.

Why you might ask?

Well the reason for this is that it increases the bioavailability of all the free-form nutrients and means they start working as soon as they reach your intestines. The process is called “bio-potentiating” and makes these intestinal bacteria  

                                                     More good news for you.

In-Liven probiotics are not stored in a warehouse but are produced fresh as and when required. Consequently they are in optimum condition when you receive them.

The transit time for food to pass through our whole body is approximately 72 hours. and is in our stomach for only 11 – 12 hours. That’s not long to get all the nutrients, and it has been estimated that we only actually absorb 20% before they are gone.

However, with In-Liven probiotics you get the nutrients instantly because they have been pre-digested. That’s 100% immediately working for your benefit from the moment they arrive.

Yes, In-Liven really is a SUPER FOOD and is the only Certified Organic Probiotic in the World

You don't have to be complacent and accept illness as a part of life. Remember - regaining your health is a gradual process as was

losing it in the first place. There are no quick fixes but you have to ask yourself whether you want to be part of the Sickness industry or the Wellness industry. The first will provide treatment for the symptoms and the second attacks the causes.

As good bacteria are the basis of good health
In-Liven probiotics clearly belong to the Wellness industry.

Need we say more?

Look after your bowels



World’s only

Certified Organic Living Wholefood Probiotic

IMPORTANT - Many autistic individuals have what is known as "leaky gut". If you give them probiotics PLEASE build up VERY VERY slowly otherwise their body could be flooded with toxins.


The body should have a bacteria ratio of 85% good bacteria to 15% bad bacteria. For most people it is the other way round. Only when the good bacteria has been re-established will intolerances go away and good health be restored.

What is Flora Ferm™?

FAST- TRACT Probiotic Liquid

Bio Pure Household Cleaning Concentrate