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PROBIOTIC bacteria - the health benefits

Bacteria have no teeth but rather produce enzymes. These enzymes then identify, digest and deliver nutrients to where they need to go. You have tens of trillions of cells, each of which needs 100,000 enzymes to function correctly.

Enzymes are necessary for life and are responsible for every metabolic process in your body all the building and all repair. They are molecules that digest food and deliver nutrients. Unfortunately the body cannot produce them and they have to be replenished.

Today, most of us have lost our ability to digest nutrients due to
anti-probiotics killing off the good bacteria, which produce the

As already mentioned, enzymes get all the building and repair jobs done
in your body but in order to do these they need amino acids. These
provide the building blocks for most of the hormones, neuro transmitters,
neuro modulators and other information chemicals that regulate and
control ALL communication in every cell of our body. It is crucial that

these amino acids are readily available.

The strongest bacteria will always kill off the weaker ones and antibiotics will kill all of them – good or bad, which is why you must always replenish your good bacteria after a course of antibiotics.

The main health benefits of probiotics are -

Remember, bacteria like the same food that you do. No wonder you feel ill.

You have about 2.5 kilos of bacteria in your body and if you aspire to good health then you must look after your good bacteria. You only have to check out your local hospital to see how many admissions are bowels related.

   So what is the solution?


Learn why Dr Gerald Lewis says you should use Probiotics    

                               Probiotic Super Food


Enzymes are killed off at 118   degrees C which is why you should eat your fruit and vegetables raw. If you cook your food you NEED to replace your enzymes.